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Orio Bellezza

Orio Bellezza

President, Technology, Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain

Orio Bellezza is STMicroelectronics’ President, Technology, Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain and has held this position since May 31st, 2018. He has been responsible for Front-End Manufacturing since 2008 and his mandate was expanded in 2018 to cover ST’s technology, manufacturing operations, supply chain, and quality. Bellezza is a member of ST’s Executive Committee.

Bellezza joined SGS-ATES, a predecessor company to STMicroelectronics, in 1984 as a fab process engineer. He soon moved to ST’s Central R&D organization and participated in several key projects, including the introduction of process technology modules for manufacturing sub-micron non-volatile memories. In 1996, Bellezza was appointed Director of ST’s R&D facility in Agrate and led its upgrade and expansion into a manufacturing and development center for non-volatile memory and smart-power technologies. In 2002, he became Vice President of Central R&D, and in 2005, was appointed Vice President and Assistant General Manager of Front-End Technology and Manufacturing.

Bellezza also serves as Managing Director of the ST Italy legal entity. He has published multiple technical papers and earned several patents in non-volatile memories.

Orio Bellezza was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1959, and graduated cum laude with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Milan, Italy.