Members of our Supervisory Board are appointed by our General Meeting of Shareholders upon a non-binding proposal of our Supervisory Board, for one or more three-year term(s).

The current rotation schedule of our Supervisory Board is as follows:

Name Position First Appointed Current term until
Maurizio Tamagnini  Chairman 2014 2023
Nicolas Dufourcq  Vice-Chairman 2015 2021
Janet G. Davidson  Member 2013 2022
Yann Delabrière  Member 2020 2023
Heleen Kersten   Member 2014 2023
Lucia Morcelli  Member 2019 2022
Ana de Pro Gonzalo  Member 2020 2023
Alessandro Rivera  Member 2011 2023
Frédéric Sanchez  Member 2017 2023

The Supervisory Board has also established four standing committees: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and the Strategic Committee. Members of these committees are appointed annually by the Supervisory Board from its own members. For more information on the composition of these committees, please click here.